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  1. Popcorn Maker works on hot air technology which doesn’t use oil to prepare the popcorn. This helps to make it fat-free snacks for your family.
  2. Powerful 200 Watt motor ensures fresh batch in 2~3 minutes with transparent Lid for easy monitoring.
  3. You can add butter, salt, caramel or seasoning to make your popcorn tastier and better.
  4. It also has the compact and stylish design with less noise which makes it handy when one travels.
  5. Let it be a Saturday night movie plan or a lonely Sunday afternoon movie date with yourself, popcorns and movies are inseparable.
  6. Now, make yourself fluffy and tasty popcorns with this popcorn maker.
  7. Comes with a non-stick chamber making your snack oil-less and healthy.
  8. If using premium popcorn, the yield may sometimes be greater than stated above.

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  • 【Simple and convenient】- This small popcorn machine is not only easy to operate, children can also make healthy snacks by themselves. At the same time, cleaning is also very convenient. The non-stick liner only needs to be wiped with a rag, and the lid can be cleaned with water directly.
  • 【SAFE AND HEALTHY】- One-button switch operation is simple and safe, and children can also use it. This popcorn maker machine can produce healthy and delicious popcorn without using cooking oil. It is clean and hygienic, and children can eat it with confidence.
  • 【95% POPPING RATE】- Our popcorn popper has a 95 percent popping rate. With just 50 to 80 grams of kernels per serving, and you can easily make a big bowl of popcorn in three minutes. Share with your family and spend a leisurely and happy time together.
  • 【WITH MEASURING CUP】- A cup of corn kernels is about 60 grams. The built-in measuring cup can not only measure the weight of the corn kernels but also serve as a cover to prevent popcorn from flying out of the top mouth and spilling everywhere when the popcorn maker machine is running.
  • 【UPGRADED TURBO SYSTEM】- The newly upgraded turbo system of the popcorn machine can rapidly and uniformly heat corn kernels, speeding up bursting speed and reducing the number of unpopped kernels. And the hot air system can blow out the popcorn automatically.

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