User manual for Aced defender 1

Features :

game controller 1 game controller 2 game controller 3

Both right and left hands apply

  • Do not distinguish the right hand and left hand apply
  • Let you use more freely

Three trigger frequencies

  • Support three frequency band trigger frequency:

            —9 times / SEC

            —16 times / SEC

            —26 times / SEC

One-click throw grenade keys

  • Exclusive design of the one-click throw grenade keys
  • Shooting and throwing separate distinction, no need to switch use;

Different trigger frequency, have the corresponding color indicator light display


  • 1. Single point: the green light flashes once
  • 2. 9 times/second: the green light is always on
  • 3. 16 times/second: the orange light is always on
  • 4. 26 times/second: the red light is always on


game trigger


How to connect ?:

1) Connect your mobile as per the below image

2)Open the mobile game and move the controls as shown below